Deep Forest - Desert Walk - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

Deep Forest had some fun with this track by placing in some hidden lyrics. The sample that appears at about 3:33, is French played backwards, followed by some laughfter. Note that SABAM and SACEM are the two main artists associations in France (you can see the SACEM logo on the CDs)

"À Benibanane,"
les samplings on les fait nous même
pour pas payer de droits à la SABAM, à la SACEM.

"À Benibanane,"
C'est comme ça qu'on les aime
pour pas payer de droits, ni à la SABAM, ni à la SACEM.

"In Benibanana," [imaginary country ?]
We make the samples ourselves
not to pay rights to SABAM nor SACEM.

"In Benibanana,"
We like'em like that
not to pay rights to SABAM nor SACEM.

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