David Guetta - Give Me Something - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

Deep in my heart
We both know that it’s true
And nothing from nothing means nothing
I want a one way love affair
Cause you know that it ain’t there
And if we gonna do this you
just got to give something

Legally you teasin’ me
Just set me free
Unhappy me
Though I told you
Just keep on over using me

Telling lies straight to my eyes
Your sexy smile won’t work this time
What I have for you
You’re suit to go
So bring it with you
Or you can hit the door

Give me somethin’
You’ve got to give me somethin’
Deep in my heart

You see your injection
To my direction
It’s coming strong
But not for long
I got the power to let you know
But what you want, here, it’s not for show
Though you’re looking good and smelling hot
It’s not enough to feel the power
So if you want what I got
You’ve got to give me somethin’
That hits us for

Deep in my heart we both
know that it’s true

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