Darkness - In My Dreams - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

I've seen these nightfalls, I've seen angels fall.
I've seen storm rising. devouring all earth.
I can't remember where this all begun, when I woke for the first time in these haunted shores.
The poets of death will paint this world with ghostly fears.

I've seen nightfalls
I've seen the broken dreams
Book of dark hours seems endless for me
The greatest sorrow
Music of the darkest seas
Sings with the nightly wind requiem for a dream
Behold the world in ageless night behold the world in my dreams

Sleepwalking in a nightmare, sleepwalking in a dream...
In these dark hours, in these haunted shores.
I've seen storm raging, I've seen these nightly rains.
I've seen skies closing down upon the earth.
The poets of death will paint this world with ghostly fear, in these dreams I follow you.
In my dreams I follow you.

The darkest shadows flickers of the memories once so bright and blooming with hope.
It's been 10 days since the last dawn. I know now this dream never ends.

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