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When I lost him
Shudder shock of pale
My, my true love
Nicolo Donati, these
smoking days
but you won't see...

I lost him through a maze of tears ... Time stopped... Time took its meaning off... Time stood naked before me... on the empty streets of the mind... on his doorstep... on the roads he passes by... I left my tearprints, hoping he would follow... hoping he would recognize... hoping he would come, yet, not knowing...

he had long changed
his mind, his home, his path...

(Deceived me) You deceive me
(With you) Erase it, I will not
(to stay) Touching a helix (didn't she know alex )
(I will plead) Blotting an excuse you
(alice, alice, alice, alice, alice)
would share, (alice, alice, alice, alice, alice)
who shall
(alice, alice, alice, alice, alice)
(alice, alice, alice, alice, alice)
you ....

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