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Everybody knows where you have been
D'you think I can't see
Ican even smell him on your clothes
I don't know how you got be so lazy
You're almost newer her, this is your home
Well, ain't that peculiat
Becoming very clear there's something else
Out there
That means to ya
Frankie is his name
He's go to be the one who's
Gonna take the blame
Cos if isn't him then
Frankly I don't know
Who's gonna take the rap
Cos Sally didn't show
And she's not coming back
Frankie is his name
He's got to be the one who,s
Gonna take the blame
And if isn't him then
S' who's it gonna be
When that fella Frankie's gone
I'm hopn' that's me
Ans Sally's comin' home...
When I find ol' Frank, that' II be the end
O' this situation
There' II be tears to cry, cos I intend
To give him an education
I'll look him in the eye and give him back the
That he gave me
And I'll say goodbye to him and to my
No one to save me

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