Chris Coco - My Sunset - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

It took so long
It felt like the day would never end

Burning… Golden

Too high to ever come down
But slowly, inevitably it began its descent
Shadows lengthening, faces turn to gold
Colours grow deeper… stronger
Patterns appearing in enclosing shadows
A line of clouds 20 minutes up
A false ending as the orange orb descended into the grey

Burning… Golden

Then it appeared… burning
Somehow stronger and more brilliant
Below the clouds and above the sea
Breathing faster now, impatient to meet the waves

As it dropped the music faded to a whisper
Computer patterns dissolving into ripples on the water
The burning circumference fell beneath the horizon
The sound fell into the ground
To silence
A ripple of applause
Perfection is here on Earth
Below the clouds and above the sea

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