Chicane - Far Away From You - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

You say I'm falling down, I know
That I can't stop you crying if you fall, if you love
The same old feeling is back, you know
I always see you coming. Do you feel this again?

But I can see you watching me and saying there's no chance to leave
Your eyes are getting fond of love, you feel it in the air
Because I will never be lost without you now
Remember where you found me, I was cold and daft around me
But then I will always be far away from you
Tomorrow feels uneasy and I wind up at the start once again

The feeling can't go on, so I say
Nothing really happened, but I know that is wrong
I feel restless, empty... Now I know
Sometimes there's no answers, and sometimes we're wrong

[Repeat Chorus]

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