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You know what this need (this need me),
You know what this need (this need me),

I drop this in the club when I be DJ'n,
from left to right everybody start swaying I be I be seeing girls tapping niggas on the shoulder saying.
Teach me how to dougie, teach me teach me how to dougie.
Then I pull it back, start it from the top and all the bitches love me,
I'm the 24 hour stunner roadrunner nigga can't catch me,
get green like Bill Bexby damn I mean Bixby stay in the 6 speed my corner in the club is where the fucking chicks be,
and the flicks be popping like the red carpet that California swag with a little college park shit,
fat ass small waist lil Cali Park chick came up to me came, came up to me and said.
Teach me how to dougie, teach me teach me how to dougie.
If you really wanna know then girl you gotta go to D-town
Teach me how to dougie, teach me teach me how to dougie.
But until then shawty check me, check me out now.

All my bitches love me, all all my bitches love me
All my bitches love me_ you will fuck with my dougie dougie ???

They be like Smooth you know you gotta rip on the remix
I'm telling these quards better work on your defense
I'm Kobe in the clutch you other niggas suck and I'm no B. Jennings getting Milwaukee Bucks!
What's the deal? I'm fresh like dougie and I keep getting bitches
cause all my bitches love me and my swag bring em' in nigga not my money
it ain't tricking if you got it but I am no dummy

Ay, they be like B.O.B (what?)
How you do that in Atlanta (yes) she said she like my dougie now she jigging off my grammar,
well basically she got it down and dirty like Dianna I got the Cali puff you can't find that in Atlanta,
I hit her with that flex till she getting preg
you heard what I said hit her with a test then she knew what's next.
I teach ya how to dougie, teach ya how to swag walk I ain't talking about that swag that come in plastic bag (oh no)

Had to remix it, cause I didn't mention me and M Bom been taking down
video vixens 007 boys we be on missions he going teach em how to dougie
I'ma make em do the dishes Fuck these bitches my palm itches I get money,
do good business, teach em' how to dougie God is my witness everybody dancing and everybody listen AY!

(6 MINUTES) My dougie so fresh I keep a bunch of fly misses they all let me cut
no butterfly stitches fresher than febreze in the major league,
yes I'm the shit though i do attract fleas.
Everyday I pop tags I'ma fly motherfucka,
I don't even drive I'm so fly motherfucka,
big ol ass body like Serena make it make it go back and forth is yo name Aliyah now?


OK my swagga on flight, my dougie so fresh, kill it dancing now I'm on like wings on a jet,
shucks we brought it to the hood like a brand new set.
Cali what I rep got the game by the neck something like a necklace shout out to Dallas, Texas
they taught me this dance now these hoes cooking me breakfast D-Town boogie with a little Cali spin,
remix on the track you know we had to get it in

(Let Go) Mr. Murk a verse, killa remixes, young Bow Wizzle with that Cali Swag District,
backpack on, snap-back on, modern day LL girls can't leave em' alone.
Phantom 2 tone, money too grown, if I stood on my wallet I'd be 8 feet tall,
Stelly Phel turn it up I'm about to burn it up smoking on that Cali good gotta nigga high as fuck (what it is!)

Everybody love me, Everybody love me,
Everybody love me you ain't messing with my dougie (dougie) [fades out]

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