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Drop Dead (Beautiful)

Diamond, diamond, shining, shining,
Ooh boy, you so fine,
Gotta be the finest thing,
That I seen in my life,
I will pay whatever
Just to get a better view,
And yeah, your body looks so sick,
I think I caught the flu

Look at you, look at you,
Be my sweetie, be my honey tonight,
Look at you, look at you,
Be my sweetie, be my honey tonight...

Cause, you're beautiful
(Drop dead)
(Drop dead)
You're some kind of fine...

Boy, you know, you're beautiful,
I know you heard it before,
Boy, you know, you broke the mold,
Nobody even comes close,
Nobody even comes close,
You're some kind of fine...

You must be big,
Because you got me hypnotized,
Whoever said that beauty's on the inside is a liar,
Cause what I'm looking at right now,
Would make a big girl cry,
So fasten up your seatbelt,
It's gonna be a bumpy ride

Oh, I think I like you,
Sabi, boy, boy,
Look at you,
I wanna get, get, get next to you,
Got me kinda hot,
But I ain't sweatin' you,
Steam me like a pot full of vegetables,
Boy, boy, look at me,
I know you wanna touch,
But it ain't for free,
I don't need your money,
I just want your "D",
Boy, come over here with your sexy ass

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