Blackmill Feat. Veela - Let It Be - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

All she's got is the way he looks
Many miles on the other side
He had overheard her choice
And he delved off her cliffside
Sacrifice he just wants to help
Holds the world like a baby
Takes his mask off and lulls his head
Then she sees him in the screen

She wants to free you/She wants to heal you
They both see the traps
No fool, Oh oh
They won't go back
No fool, Oh oh
They've got a mind track
No fool, Oh oh
It's all a mystery
Let it come and let it be

There are things he cannot say
In the night tells her anyway
They're the leaders who want the change
Blacklit breaks by the half pane
Heavy oceans are in his way
Makes her feel like a pathway
Rest your head now and don't pretend
And let this wild tale now begin

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