Black Sun Empire feat. Foreign Beggars - Dawn Of A Dark Day - Скачать mp3 бесплатно


Yeah, yeah
This ain't the synapse
Chill factor 60
Microverse entered
So black, it's slip stream
Dip both the headlights
Mountain to the background
Forcefield activate
Operation black cloud
Operation sub source
8 gauge for hand over
Reset the mind field
This is what we planned sober
We stand closer
Fall back to vessel 2
Team in position
Go smack the destitute

Ready to transmit
Grid map to the free load
Construct the rhythm tall
Stand by to decode
Survey the battlefield like site off all the blacktop
Power up the ammo yield
Close top on blackbox
I exhale the white mist
Cyber brain circus locked to pinpoint my sidefix
Brace for the kickback
Soon then I'm [...]
Ghost hack to fly wall
Squeezed on the jump start
And respond to Messiah call

Black Sun Empire
Test of time
New dawn
New day
We emerge
As they fade away

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