Black Box - Strike It Up - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

Strike it up, this band is gonna play my tune
Strike it up, I wanna, I wanna tell you so
Strike it up, nobody's gonna stop my sound
Strike it up, you know how lonely one can feel

Waiting on my feeling, yeah yeah

If I had the line, and you had the bass
Then strike it up and you'll find the rhythm's on time
Run after line going straight to your mind

Line after line going straight to your mind
'Cos hyping the place is what we're all about
Moving your waist to the bass is no doubt
Roll up the groove melody is essential
Drop the knowledge on this instrumental
Dance your doubts about house music
You've got the body so why don't you use it
Naturally swinging your thing to the song
'Cos that's how we pump the dancefloor for the strong

Waiting on my feelings, yeah yeah
(I'm) waiting on my feelings

Strike it up
Strike it up

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