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Music by Nergal; lyrics by Krzysztof Azarewicz and Nergal

what fool are ye!
from zenith to nadir
through externalized purity
sealed ye gates ov your own paradise
Skakti, Kali Ma, Durga Ma
Thou art pure in Thy sinistry
for those who cannot see
The Uncoditioned One!
Creatrix, Matrix, Devourer!

Thee who spits out sun
from thy mouth
in endless momentum -
Kamala's menstruum
on road to immortality
we go against current
to the womb ov Kali
through the mouth ov Bhairavi
to the final dawn ov Chaos
how come we're still alive
in these kingdoms ov filth
when heaven's so abstract
and hell is so real...

Nepal, summer 2006 e.v. it's somewhat strange feeling to visit the same places which Nergal saw about year ago. narrow streets of Kathmandu, Monkey Temple, funerary smoke of Pashupatinath. however our path is leading us farther, toward tibetan plateau, the Roof ov the World. on our way there's Dakshinkali Temple - pure soul ov the cult ov Black Goddess. the serpentine road, coiled around massive mountains is leading up higher and higher...Ourobourous, Ananda, coiled serpent Shakti...rising energy... concentration and cultivation help to break through veils ov ignorance & to establish CONTACT. it's a holy day ov Kali; hundreds ov devotees from all over the South Asia and just one priest skilled in the art ov sacrificing goats & roosters. heads fall down every 30 seconds and the whole floor is covered with blood. Ramakrishna once said

"Is Kali, my Divine Mother, of black complexion She appears black because she is viewed from distance, but when intimately known she is no longer so. The sky appears blue at the distance but look at it close by and you will find that it has no colour

and then words from "The Book of the Law: "My colour is black to the blind.

regardless ov what they say, censorship & crusades against us in the name ov the only one true god, we'll be continuing our journey. forever we'll be holding the banner ov freedom, individuality and the joy ov existence to banish fear ov death and sorrow ov crucified ones. "Arcana Hereticae is our covenant sealed in blood ov life experience.

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