Aruna - Save The Day - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

One chance to get it right
Every day's a weight on your shoulders
Your whole life can pass you by
If you wait too long, if you wait too long
Tick tock, the hands of time
Every day you're another day older
Last stop on this bumpy ride
But you're holding on, you're holding on

Cuz you and I, we needed
To walk the line believing
The sacrifice is worth the fight
And it'll all turn out alright
But now the music's fading
And here we are still waiting
To dance like every day before
I can't do it anymore

No more stars to guide us
No more light inside us
It's too late to wait for love to save the day
No use trying to get there
To ride this road to nowhere
It's too late to pray for love to save the day

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