Arash Feat. Helena - Pure Love - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

We were meant to be together for eternity
But something came over me
I realised I was living just a fantasy
Many things a dreamt to do
If I ever get back to you
This time I will not act like a fool
Mikham tane ghashangeto
To baghalam begiram
Begam ageh nabashi
Karam tamoomeo
Bedooneh to mimiram

Mikham labato roo labam
Bezary ta hamisheh
Begam keh zendegy digeh
Bedooneh to nemisheh

Remember dreams come true
It’s gonna (going to) be me and you
We will not be alone
I’m not gonna (going to) leave you behind
I’m twisted in my mind
I search for my soul and I will find a place where you could be around

Mikham to vaghty khaby
Kenareh to beshinam
Ageh yeh vaght khabam bord
Baz khabeh toro bebinam

Atreh nafashayeh to
Beh tanam bepicheh
Kash bedoony
Keh zendegy bito hicheh

The moon smiles above
'cause this is pure love

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