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How could I ever hide what i felt
How could you ever say you never knew
All along it was there on my mind, in my heart
It was the feeling, I was in love
You act as if you never knew my name
How could you pleasure putting me through so much pain
Like a child in the womb
I needed you to give me love
I missed that feeling of being loved


How could I ever love again
How could I start to love again
After you broke me down it's hard to trust that feeling
To fall in love again

Verse 2-

A man don't usually fall no more than twice
And if he does you'll never know 'cause he wont say
For the fear of being fooled, taken twice by the heart
It's in his nature to be afraid
He starts to wonder if it's really right
To let his past take control of his life
Maybe I'll run into hope, someone that's right for me
And share love freely, and fall in love again

Chorus (repeats)


(Love) You know what they say about a man
It's hard for him to fall in love
(Love) Once hurt, he'll never give in, it's hard for him to trust
(Love) Found out it was hard to cope when your love broke down on me
It's hard for me to trust again

Chorus (Repeats) 2x

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