Aerosmith - Shame on You - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

Well I tried to tell you baby Running makes no
sense Now you got me baby Up against this fence
And Ain't that a shame... shame shame Shame...
shame the way you do Well it's a shame... shame
shame Oh it's a shame on you

Well now you walk out in the evening Don't even
say you're gone 6 o'clock in the morning You
come walking home

And ain't that a shame... shame, shame Shame,
shame the way you do Oh it's a shame... shame...
shame Hey it's a shame on you

Well I be sittin' there waitin' Listen everybody
Cryin' for you to come home Especially you girls
When I wake up baby Is it right to be left alone
I'm sittin' here all alone While the one you
love is never home

And ain't that a shame... shame... shame I love
Too hard... my friends sometimes say Shame...
Shame the way you do But I believe... I believe
That a woman should be loved that way
Well it's a
Shame... shame... shame
But it hurts me so inside
To see her treat me so unkind
Oh it's shame on you
Somebody... somewhere tell her it's unfair

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