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Know the bright lights of Hollywood
Movie towns, a phony world
Seen a few nights of wonder,
Seen a few nights of hell

Walkin' down the foggy streets of London-town
Now I know it well
Every light in the world is nothing
To the light we know so well

Starlight, shining bright, starlight

Had a bit of life in high society
The slums have seen me, too
And the rich and poor would wonder,
At somethin' old and new

See it every night goin' slowly 'round
Can't you see it's true
Out there every man is equal
Way out there in the blue

Starlight, shining bright, starlight

Take it all the way all night long
Twinkle on, you stars
I feel my brain is blinded,
I wonder what you are

Starlight, shining bright, starlight

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