ATB - All I Need Is You - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

Авторы: Andre Tanneberger, Sean Ryan
Исполняет: Sean Ryan

Love plays a part, this state of mind, frayed out in
Strands holding taught, caught in frozen time, A promise, slowly fades as time lingers on.

Kaleidoscopes, a looking glass, hid deep within
Our secret place, set far away, with nothing
Left but a voice, as if calling to say...

Hold on, breathe out — with me now, my love, sing this aloud, While you’re alive, Don’t let go, make so you never lose all you desire, Set free your mind.

I feel more alive now than I’ve ever been, Lost in the cold tide of you.
Time holds a fine white line from where our dreams begin, And now all I need is you.
Caressing each other, falling forever... And now all I need is you.


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