ALEXANDER - Bad Bad Love - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

It was all colors and heat,
And rain falling in the streets,
And bad bad love.

When she asked, "what do you need,"
I said "what do you believe,"
I need bad bad love.

How can I care anymore?
Bring me a love
A bad bad love
Right now
Oh, bad, love, oh!

I went marching though the mall today,
Singing bad bad love.
I went marching through the ghetto today,
Singing bad bad love.

She asked "what is it you need,"
"A love the devil can't reach,
I need bad bad love."

Our scriptures turned to sand,
Our boy become a man,
With a bad bad love.
Fill me with love,
(Oh) bad, bad, love,
Bad bad love
Right now

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