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Snowgoons ft. Outerspace - Who
Verse 1
Space music nigga ye, uh
MUrder capital of the rap Philly's a new city
Sharpened crease on the Dickies for the new yiddy
New fitty on the top pops move with me
New pair I never seen drop two-fifty
Nigga cruise with me I move fast now
Spit rapid fire past the cloud
Blast 'em out, massive style, beware of the space shuttle
Waving ? help me escape the jungle
I bet dumbs will bet I can dump and kill
fuck bills but believe every month is real
Im the type that can live for the day
So if I borrow tomorrow that's the price nigga gotta pay
I treat hard days like a holiday
So holla back Ima holla when the sky is gray
Phone life Imma rap till my dying day
My mind spray my nine spray

Chorus (x2)
It's time to divide the men from boys
Who spit the truth who's the real McCoy?
Who lock shit down who pay their dues?
Who got them heaters like you say you do?

Verse 2
Yo, we moving on, it's no blood no ashes
We still brothers aint nothing gon' pass us
We aint on the same level or bracket
Take a few shots a hand just to settle the savage
Nigga, the new album is a gift, got a curse
You the bitch with a switch, lipstick, got a purse
Have 'e, all praise Crypt, let 'em sing outta church
Or might have to bring out the hearse
For what is worth, Im not a blood not a crip i dont play no turf
I wreak havoc worldwide trying to claim this Earth
OS for life nigga Plan's my ace
Doing a lifetime bid no plans to escape
You act like women I slap you in the face
Pimp slap you like a bitch and let it come from the waist
So dont go there, the show there, I slow there
Suffocate you faggot rappers, no air

Chorus (x2)

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