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I can't control this feeling
Something's happening inside me
Our senses come alive
The chemistry is building
It's something that we're feeling
There's nowhere you can hide

It's gonna get (x3) louder
We're gonna get (x3) stronger
We're gonna feel (x3) better
You can't tame this energy inside

I gotta reach (x3) higher
I wanna burn like (x3) a fire
I gotta move (x3) faster
You can't tame this energy inside

Perpetual emotion
It's just a ripple in the ocean
A shadow in the night
Changes we're making for the better
We're going through together
There's nowhere you can hide

It's more than a feeling
We're building a dream that we've always Had clear in our sights
Watch it ignite as we open our eye
It's the one way we know to survive
We're powerfully changing the world
We're reclaiming our unity
They can't divide
They push us around
But we're tearing it down
And we're having the time of our life

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