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Вот ОНО!!!!!! 4-ое место в топ листе лучших этого и прошлого месяцев!!!!!

English Translation:

Smeared with frustration, lost in fads, I sing as I pretend to be happy
Persuading myself to run some more, I go recklessly and quietly windward
Taking a glance at the road I came down, sorry I've got time to spare; Enemies on all sides, one game after going into war
"Life has its mountains, valleys, and cliffs" Garbage piles up
On an endless journey, I stop by the outskirts of town
Quietly throwing down my tired legs, when I lie down I fall into a repeating shallow sleep
That same profile over and over again, saying those same words over and over again
"Am I the only one that thinks being alive is sad "

Cigarette smoke rolls into the air and disappears into the empty space

On a day when we're definitely still feeble and childish
You now have looked at a sadness that you don't have to look at
You're passing the time holding back tears that you don't have to hold back
We're not so strong that I can live my life only by what's real
We don't have to be strong

I raised my eyelids and the world was in spring; Pushing my way through the cherry blossom colored wind
Headed toward somewhere far away, I wonder if you were in this vegetable garden
As I searched for the flapping of white bird's wings in the sky
I wonder if you definitely listened closely to the ground and searched for an ant's black footsteps

Taking off the pierrot like mask, standing on a hill forgotten by the sun

Basking in the moonlight, I take in a deep breath
A world without yelling voices and the sound of plates cracking
We can live our lives without warmth
But us just living our lives isn't enough

The budding earth, the thick trees, the disappearing rainbow, the passing days
And the night sky's speaker; The wonders of the four seasons taught us, who continue to search for truth, these things

No matter how far you travel, at the beginning of life
We were lone babies that cried out to want to live and be loved
For the sake of knowing that the reason for heading somewhere that isn't here
Is somewhere that isn't in the heart

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