Битосик - Freedom song - Скачать mp3 бесплатно

Lets fly away to an island in the sun

How about New York
Just a few hours away
go see , the Whitney museum, and maybe the Carnegie hall
just go shopping, or walking, do nothing at all

we could take a hike, tie up a hammock (hamper )
find a nice place by a babbling brook and a book and a view that we like
finish the afternoon nicely with renting a bike

what about your mum
she could look after the kids
while we take a few days off we'll feel like we're on the run
nothing can possibly stop us from having some fun

i will call in sick make up a story
I'll tell them i'm poorly and hope
that they fall for the same old trick
book the hotel and the flights and get away quick

let's go right away
there no sense thinking about all the ins and the outs abound
we wont do it at all if we stay
take the bull by the horns darling what do you say

Darling come with me
we'll have a good time
away from the telephone, paging, and messaging, new interactive tv
no one to fax us or tax us and we shall be free

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